Summary in English

InsureSec safeguards insurance counselling

It is important that insurance intermediaries act correctly, professionally and with the best interests of the customer at heart. Therefore InsureSec, a self-regulation institute, was formed in 2012 by the Swedish Insurance Intermediator’s Association (SFM), and a majority of the market-leading life insurance companies in Sweden. Our operation is determined by the Board and non-profit.

With the help of regulations, the Disciplinary Board and criteria on knowledge and skill InsureSec aims to increase overall quality, customer benefit and the distribution of insurance in Sweden.

We want to encourage sound competition on even terms, discourage unsound counselling or sales and contribute to increased transparency regarding questions about insurance intermediary’s knowledge and skill, documentation of the meetings and the price of counselling.

Contact information

InsureSec AB
Birger Jarlsgatan 55
SE-111 45 Stockholm

Company registration number: 556862-9587

Telephone: 08 - 410 415 75

Our mission

Branch regulation

InsureSec’s branch regulation is based upon voluntary individual agreements between InsureSec and each insurance intermediary. Today we have agreements with nearly 2 000 individual insurance intermediaries and approximately 400 companies. Almost all the intermediaries in life (97 %) and roughly half of the non-life intermediaries (41 %) are licensed by us (April 2018).

Our webpage Insurance Intermediaries Registry (Förmedlarregistret) is available to the public. Anyone has the ability to look up a specific person or company or intermediaries of a certain county.

Learn more about registration of insurance intermediaries (in Swedish)

Learn more about registration and affiliation of companies (in Swedish)

Visit The Insurance Intermediaries Registry (in Swedish)

Aptitude Tests

InsureSec offers Aptitude Tests for personnel that work with insurance intermediation or insurance distribution. The Aptitude Tests are designed for life, non-life and personal injury insurance.

Learn more about InsureSec’s aptitude tests (in Swedish)

Further references and other information

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority

InsureSec isn’t a government agency and doesn’t issue permits for insurance intermediation or insurance distribution. Permits are issued on application by The Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektion).

Learn more about Finansinspektionen

Membership organizations and associations

InsureSec isn’t an association and has no members. Examples of branch associations are the SFM (Swedish insurance intermediators association) and Svensk Försäkring (the industry organization for insurance companies).

Learn more about SFM (in Swedish)

Learn more about Svensk Försäkring

Education institutes

Except for our knowledge requirements InsureSec doesn’t provide any education or reading instructions.

Learn more about preperatory education (in Swedish)

Consumer councelling and advice

InsureSec investigates and the Disciplinary Board judge disciplinary questions regarding infringement of InsureSec’s regulatory system or good insurance intermediators practise.

If you have a case which doesn’t involve InsureSec’s regulatory system or good insurance intermediators practise, or if the insurance intermediator does not have an agreement with InsureSec, you may contact the respective government agency instead.

The Swedish Consumer Agency

Konsumentverket, The Swedish Consumer Agency, is a government agency whose task is to safeguard consumer interests when it comes to information supplied during marketing campaigns and during the purchase of insurance products. Konsumentverket provides a national information service called Hallå konsument (Hello customer) where the consumers can have answers for questions regarding purchased services, contracts and complaints.

Learn more about Konsumentverket

Learn more about consumer guidelines etc. from Hallå konsument

The National Board of Consumer Disputes

Allmänna reklamationsnämnden (ARN), The National Board of Consumer Disputes, challenge disputes that regard consumer insurance i.e. home insurance, pet insurance, pension insurance and capital insurance among other things.

Learn more about Allmänna reklamationsnämnden

The Swedish Consumers' Insurance Bureau

Konsumenternas försäkringsbyrå, The Swedish Consumers' Insurance Bureau, offers independent and free guidance for banking and insurance to customers. They help individuals to interpret terms and conditions, describe laws and rules, inform and compare insurance products.

Learn more about Konsumenternas Försäkringsbyrå